GAMART seamless bends might be also applied to combined and separate sewage systems.

Our bends are made of high-quality pipes and they are commonly used in various types of sewage systems. They can be used not only in gravity sewage, but also in pressure and vacuum sewage system.

Due to the increased flow efficiency and the specificity of sewage disposal, GAMART seamless bends are advantageous from existing products such as segmented and injection bends.

They also have better hydraulic properties of the pipeline and are more resistant to ground movements (no welds).

Our bending technology eliminates the shape memory of the pipes and ensures very high dimensional stability of produced bends.

Product advantages:

  • Wide range of diameters from 90 mm to 630 mm
  • Possibility of bending any angle up to 90 degrees
  • Possibility of bending any SDR depending on the needs
  • Bending radius R = 3.5D
  • Butt or electrofusion welded
  • Proven better flow efficiency by 32% versus segmented bends
  • Lower pressure losses (lower flow resistance) and lower risk of sewage blockage