Everyone observes a very dynamic development of 3D printing technology in recent years. The market of printing devices and printing materials (filaments) is constantly growing. 3D printers are nowadays present at homes, schools and businesses where printing models are limited only by the designers’ imagination.

For several years, GAMART has been successfully using 3D printing technologies to produce, test and evaluate prototypes of its own products. This has led to the creation of many innovative systems as the example rainwater collector manufactured by GAMART.

When innovating on technologies and products in 3D printing, we cooperate closely with top universities and listen to client recommendations, based on which our roadmaps are created.

Our customers appreciate +25 years of experience in the machinery and equipment, particularly our specialization in the extruders for the plastics industry.

In response to client needs for large-size 3D printing, we manufacture four different series of printing heads:

  • GAMART G.12 series with a capacity of up to 12 kg / h
  • GAMART G.20 series with a capacity of up to 20 kg / h
  • GAMART G.50 series with a capacity of up to 50 kg / h
  • GAMART G.200 series with a capacity of up to 200 kg / h

These are innovative digital extruders, designed by our R&D department. They are adapted to be integrated and installed on CNC milling machines.

Our current implementations include projects performed on CNC machines with a working area of – among others – 2500 mm x 5000 mm x 1500 mm as well as 4000 mm x 9000 mm x 2500 mm.

We currently prepare the installation of extrusion heads on 5-axis CNC machines with a working area of 6000 mm x 24000 mm x 3500 mm.

The adaptation of CNC milling machine for large-scale 3D printing is performed by placing an extrusion head next to the spindle (for GAMART G.12 and GAMART G.20) or by adding an additional printing bridge (for G.50 and higher capacities).

Our solutions are naturally equipped with a pellet drying system and pellet transport system. On top, a system to mount a 3D printout to the printing table is provided.

The print head is autonomous and has its own remote control. For the increased efficiency, we also integrate it with the milling machine control by adding an additional servo drive.

Large-scale 3D printing can be performed in the common planar way on the printing table surface or at an angle of up to 45 degrees. It allows to print – for example – boat hulls without any supports.

GAMART provides nozzles with diameters from 4 mm up to 25 mm. The right match is recommended based on the dimensions of a printed model and the capacity of an extruder head.

In addition, we are flexible in the selection of the most appropriate materials for 3D printing.

We have extensive experience in various materials such as:

  • basic materials: PE, PP, ABS, PLA, PA, PC, PET, etc.
  • advanced materials: PPS, PEEK, PEKK, etc.
  • reinforced materials: carbon, glass or natural fiber, etc.

Therefore, we are able to professionally advise, test and adjust the pellet to customer expectations.

The materials developed by our specialists are a perfect fit for mechanical processing and – after a production process – they can be recovered by the regranulation that is also offered by GAMART.

During trainings, we educate on using programs for cutting models (slicers) and we modify our postprocessor to the g-code specification of the clients’ machines.

Our digital extruder heads, that print directly from the pellet, also significantly extend the possibilities of large-size CNC machines for wood and aluminium.

The FDM printing technique (Fused Deposition Modeling) provides a significant reduction in the time and cost of model preparation.