GAMART SA has developed and patented the technology of producing seamless bends that are made of high-quality PE pipes. Thanks to our innovative approach, after heating the pipe, it bends in a way that eliminates the memory of the pipe shape.

The method of forming seamless bends is an innovative solution of GAMART, developed by our own R&D department.

We manufacture seamless bends with diameters from 90 to 630 mm, angles up to 90 degrees and all SDRs possible.

The offered bends provide much better hydraulic properties and lower local flow resistance. When using them, the pressure resistance correction factors are not applied, as in the case of segmented bends. Our seamless bends can be welded both with electrofusion and butt welding.

GAMART bends provide higher endurance compared to other technologies and products such as segmented or injection bends. This is proven by the results of comparative studies.

Product advantages:

  • Wide range of diameters from 90 mm to 630 mm
  • Possibility of bending any angle up to 90 degrees
  • Very high dimensional stability of the bends
  • Increased flow efficiency compared to existing technologies and products
  • Reduced flow resistance compared to injection and segment bends
  • Long straight bend ends that enable easier and safer welding (both butt and electrofusion welding)
  • Innovative technology confirmed by the patent and opinions of renowned universities and customers
  • Possibility of using the technology in many industries


HYDRAULICSGoodPoorVery good
DIAMETERLimited RangeWide RangeWide Range
ANGLE45°, 90° only11° - 90°3° - 90°
NOMINAL PRESSUREFull PressurePressure reduced by 20% (according to PN-EN 12201-3)Full Presure
COMMENTSNot Recommended for Diameters over 110 mmRisk of Dirt Accumulation, Hydraulic LossesNo Pressure Reduction