One of the applications of PE seamless bends are installation systems for both fresh and sea water.

GAMART SA produces bends for water from high-quality PE 100 and PE 100 RC pipes. They are confirmed by sanitary certificates allowing to transport water intended for human consumption.

Our bending technology eliminates the shape memory of the pipes and ensures very high dimensional stability of produced bends.

Our seamless bends are also known from their increased flow efficiency and durability compared to existing products such as injection bends or segment ones.

They provide much better hydraulic properties and lower energy costs of the pipeline. Therefore, our clients choose GAMART bends to replace segmented or injection ones. In fact, many countries have already banned the use of PE segmented bends for water industry.

Product advantages:

  • Wide range of diameters from 90 mm to 630 mm
  • Possibility of bending any angle up to 90 degrees
  • Possibility of bending any SDR depending on the needs
  • Bending radius R = 3.5D
  • Butt or electrofusion welded
  • Proven better flow efficiency by 32% versus segmented bends
  • No need to use correction factors as in the case of other bends
  • Lower pressure losses (lower flow resistance) and limited cavitation effect