Human being is finally starting to notice the damage done to the environment after years of bad management to its resources. Droughts lasting several weeks and uneven rainfall are now common phenomena in many countries, including Poland from where our company originates. Water is already a scarce commodity.

In the era of climate change, GAMART has become a leading producer of rainwater collection systems. Thanks to innovative technology and focus on product quality, GAMART catchers are dynamically gaining recognition as a bestseller in Poland and around the world.

Producers of gutter and garden systems, numerous distributors and – of course – individual clients show growing interest in our competences in this area.

GAMART SA has patented numerous solutions in the area of rainwater harvesting, and since this year our company has also been producing rainwater tanks. In this way, GAMART provides end-to-end range of rainwater collection systems.

Considering the ecological awareness and positive impact on environment – we are also creating a new international brand HelloRain, dedicated exclusively to collecting rainwater and positive ecological trends.

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Product advantages:

  • Fully automatic rainwater collection
  • Highest efficiency during both low and heavy rainfall. GAMART rainwater collectors harvest up to 100% of rainwater
  • Patented product with numerous innovative awards
  • Sizes adjusted to all the most popular gutter systems in Poland and worldwide
  • Largest selection of diameters
  • Largest selection of colors. Production in all RALs possible
  • Largest pipe diameter that connects rainwater collector and a tank
  • Guaranteed quality – production from the most qualitative pellets on the market
  • Attractive appearance – confirmed by thousands of satisfied clients
  • Quick and easy assembly. No need to have technical knowledge
  • Frost resistance. No need to disassembly for the winter
  • UV resistance No discoloration and high resistance to sunlight
  • Continuous investments in Research & Development. We are constantly innovating the domain of ​​rainwater collection and storage
  • “Zero waste management” policy. 100% of our waste is recyclable


The largest selection of diameters adapted to the most popular gutter systems on the Polish and European market.

  • ∅ 110 mm
  • ∅ 100 mm
  • ∅ 90 mm
  • ∅ 80 mm
  • ∅ 75 mm
  • ∅ 63 mm
  • ∅ 50 mm