The leaf separator (leaf filter) is another innovative product manufactured by GAMART SA. Its main aim is to stop any contaminants flowing down with rainwater, mainly leaves.

Our leaf separator is in fact a perfect complement to our rainwater collector.

It also fits most of the gutter systems of leading European companies, including Polish brands.

In GAMART leaf filter, a strainer has been installed on permanent basis. It protects against getting the leaves through and helps in periodic cleaning of the inspection from contamination. The leaf separator is additionally equipped with a tight plug with a gasket, which is mounted as a push-in to our leaf separator. Therefore, we have easy access to the strainer and we can quickly remove all the contamination.

GAMART leaf separator can be produced in all RALs (the colors most commonly used are light brown RAL: 8017, dark brown RAL: 8019, graphite RAL: 7016, black RAL: 9017).

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Product advantages:

  • Wide range of diameters that are adapted to all the most popular gutter systems in Poland and in Europe (∅ 50 mm, ∅ 63 mm, ∅ 75 mm, ∅ 80 mm, ∅ 90 mm, ∅ 100 mm, ∅ 110 mm)
  • Wide range of colors. Production of all RALs is possible.
  • Complete offer: PVC leaf separator with a strainer, tight plug, gasket ∅ 63/50
  • Attractive appearance confirmed by thousands of satisfied customers
  • Highest quality material made of the best granules on the market
  • Quick and easy assembly. No need for specialized technical knowledge
  • Frost resistance. No need to disassemble for the winter
  • UV resistance. High corrosion resistance
  • Full compliance with all European standards (PN-EN 12200 and other certificates)
  • Leaf separators as a complementary product to rainwater collector. Both products are manufactured by GAMART
  • Investments in Research & Development, where we test innovative ideas to improve gutter systems
  • “Zero waste management” policy. 100% of the materials are recyclable


The largest selection of diameters adapted to the most popular gutter systems on the Polish and European market.

  • ∅ 110 mm
  • ∅ 100 mm (∅ 110 mm + adapter)
  • ∅ 90 mm
  • ∅ 80 mm
  • ∅ 75 mm
  • ∅ 63 mm
  • ∅ 50 mm