We manufacture the highest quality PE Flange Adapter Spigot Fittings with diameters up to 1200 mm in each SDR possible. Versions vary from long, short and non-standard fittings and are applicable for numerous industries.

Our PE fittings are based on an innovative technological process that guarantees compliance with the highest quality requirements. GAMART PE spigot fittings are characterized by much better mechanical properties than fittings produced by the injection methodology thanks to the unique know-how and long-term R&D investments by our company.

Top quality endurance of GAMART PE Flange Adapters, their circumferential stiffness, higher resistance to mechanical deformation and damage as well as the highest dimensional stability have been achieved thanks to our innovative production process and numerous tests run by our own R&D department.

All our Short and Long Flange Adapter Spigot Fittings comply with the applicable standards: PN-EN 12201-3, PN-EN 1555-3, PN-EN ISO 15494.

GAMART innovative technology and the ability to adapt to every client expectation are of great interest to our customers in all sectors of the economy.

Product advantages:

  • Top endurance of GAMART PE Flange Adapter Spigot Fittings for high pressure compared to injection fittings
  • Higher stiffness of GAMART PE Flange Adapter Spigot Fittings for high pressure compared to injection fittings
  • Top resistance to mechanical deformation compared to injection fittings. Also at low temperatures
  • Highest dimensional stability and endurance to long-term stresses
  • Time saving during assembly
  • Low flow resistance due to smooth inner surface. Low roughness coefficient
  • Physiological indifference – no pollutants introduced into the environment
  • Resistance to chemical and biological corrosion and stray currents
  • Universal use in water and gas networks for many industries

Additional info:

  • One-Pager introducing GAMART as a pioneer in the production of large-size fittings.
    Attachment: http://www.rynny.gamart.pl/downloads/large-size-fittings_gamart.jpg