GAMART wellhead (sanitary well seal) closes the deep well and protects the potable water against various contaminations from getting inside (leaves, sand and surface water). The elimination of this type of pollutants has a decisive impact on the water quality and it significantly extends the service life of the submersible pump.

Our wellheads are made of plastic (polypropylene) and has a vent hole that protects the pipe against deformation. Pipe deformation may occur as a result of negative pressure caused by a significant gain or loss of water.

Our wellheads are equipped with:

  • cable gland (hole)
  • “shackle” type hitch, used to hang up the pump
  • vent hole- as one of the few heads available on the market
  • allen key included

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Product advantages:

  • Guaranteed leakproof product in all possible conditions
  • Vent hole and a “shackle” hitch in the set. They give a competitive advantage over other similar products
  • Hygienic certificate BK / W / 0795/01/2019 issued by the National Institute of Public Health
  • Solid and durable construction with the increased resistance to mechanical damage, chemicals and corrosion
  • Resistance to very low and high temperatures


GAMART offers a wide range of wellheads (sanitary well seals) with various diameters and connections.

We are also able to manufacture other sizes than above-mentioned ones.