Submersible pumps are used to supply single-family houses with clean water from individual wells. This happens when households have limited access to the water supply.

In addition, submersible pumps can be used to draw water from an underground intake and use it for day-to-day purposes, e.g. for watering the garden, washing surfaces, etc.

We offer reliable and proven VODOLEY submersible pumps, of which GAMART is the exclusive distributor in Poland.

The VODOLEY pump (BCPE pump series) is an electric, centrifugal and multistage submersible pump (not a screw pump). It is designed to supply water in economic conditions from deep wells with an internal diameter starting from 110 [mm] and the efficiency larger than 1.8 [m3 / h].

We offer all above-mentioned submersible pumps at our online shop:

Product advantages:

  • Top quality of VODOLEY pumps compared to competitor
  • Up to 30 months of warranty period
  • Large selection of VODOLEY pumps that facilitate the best choice by our clients
  • Electric cable included
  • Hygienic certificate B-BK-60210-0337/20


BCPE 0.5-25U55023060361"11,295/104
BCPE 0.5-32U65023060471"13,295/104
BCPE 0.5-40U72023060601"15,395/104
BCPE 0.5-50U97023060751"1895/104
BCPE 0.5-63U127023060901"21,895/104
BCPE 0.5-80U1630230601201"25,1104
BCPE 0.5-100U2050230601501"30150
BCPE 1.2-25U650230150401 1/4"13,2104
BCPE 1.2-32U720230150501 1/4"15,2104
BCPE 1.2-40U970230150601 1/4"18,6104
BCPE 1.2-50U1270230150701 1/4"20,1104
BCPE 1.2-63U1630230150901 1/4"24,2104
BCPE 1.2-80U20502301501051 1/4"28,5104