The rainwater tank is not anymore perceived as an ugly old barrel. Currently, the design of rainwaters tanks is characterized by aesthetic shapes and colors that add value to the architecture of the home and garden.

GAMART has created 360-liter decorative tanks with a modern but simple shape so that our client expectations are met.

Nowadays, we manufacture two types of rainwater tanks and systematically expand our offer with the new designs. Our current types of rainwater tanks are: the BARCELONA model – with a lid and the CATALONIA model – without a lid.

The BARCELONA rainwater tank – with its unique, slim shape – is able to collect 360 liters of rainwater without taking up a lot of garden space. The BARCELONA tank has a lid that can be easily removed (for rinsing, washing the tank) inside. On this lead you can also safely place – for example – a flower pot or another decoration.

Dimensions BARCELONA:

Height 158 ​​cm

Diameter max. 70 cm

Weight: 11 kg

In turn, rainwater tanks CATALONIA – with its 360-liters capacity – also provide a modern look to every home and garden. CATALONIA tanks look completely like the Barcelona ones. The only difference is no removable cover.

Dimensions CATALONIA:

Height 163 cm

Diameter max. 70 cm

Weight: 11 kg

As GAMART manufactures both rainwater collectors and tanks, we are able offer a complete end-to-end systems for rainwater harvesting. We offer in our portfolio taps, leaf separators and plugs to close the rainwater collector for the winter time.

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