The collection of rainwater becomes a necessity. Rising prices for water, the “rain tax” (fee for draining rainwater to the rainwater sewage system) and – above all – environmental aspects lead to the necessity of benefiting from rainwater systems.

Our GAMART collector (other names: catcher, harvester) is designed to effectively capture rainwater and use this collected water for irrigation of home gardens, which has a positive effect on the environment, water consumption and expenses.

The device is designed to capture rainwater from the gutter downspout. Its very simple design and full automation prevent rainwater from overflowing in the tank, even during heavy rainfall. When the tank is filled, the excess water is drained further through a downpipe, most often to the sewage system.

The system is known from the highest efficiency in collecting water compared to other solutions available on the market. The use of the rainwater catcher allows you to collect up to 100% of rainwater from the roof.

During low rainfall, the device catches 100% of the water, and during intensive rainfall, thanks to the large pipe diameter connected to the tank, it is also fully effective. In both cases, there is no possibility of water overflow from the rainwater tank.

The system installation is easy both to the existing downpipe and when installing a new gutter system. The connection to the tank can be made with any hose or pipe of an outside diameter of 50 mm.

GAMART rainwater collector does not require disassembly for the winter. In order to protect against the entrance of leaves, it is recommended to install a leaf separator over a rainwater collector or in the drain funnel of the gutter basket.

The colors of our rainwater collector and its dimensions are matched to the most popular producers of gutter systems in Europe and on the Polish market.

Our company also offers a large selection of decorative rainwater storage tanks.

Considering the ecological awareness and positive impact on environment – we are also creating a new international brand HelloRain, dedicated exclusively to collecting rainwater and positive ecological trends.

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Product advantages:

  • Fully automatic rainwater collection
  • Highest efficiency during both low and heavy rainfall. GAMART rainwater collectors harvest up to 100% of rainwater
  • Patented product with numerous innovative awards
  • Sizes adjusted to all the most popular gutter systems in Poland and worldwide
  • Largest selection of diameters
  • Largest selection of colors. Production in all RALs possible
  • Largest pipe diameter that connects rainwater collector and a tank
  • Guaranteed quality – production from the most qualitative pellets on the market
  • Attractive appearance – confirmed by thousands of satisfied clients
  • Quick and easy assembly. No need to have technical knowledge
  • Frost resistance. No need to disassembly for the winter
  • UV resistance No discoloration and high resistance to sunlight
  • Continuous investments in Research & Development. We are constantly innovating the domain of ​​rainwater collection and storage
  • “Zero waste management” policy. 100% of our waste is recyclable


The largest selection of diameters adapted to the most popular gutter systems on the Polish and European market.

  • ∅ 110 mm
  • ∅ 100 mm
  • ∅ 90 mm
  • ∅ 80 mm
  • ∅ 75 mm
  • ∅ 63 mm
  • ∅ 50 mm

Additional info:


Thanks to numerous R&D investments, we have managed to manufacture the most effective rainwater collector that is currently a bestseller in Poland and a challenger in Europe.

Our rainwater collector has been patented by us and won numerous awards thanks to its product quality and product innovation.